Layla Mohamed - Artist & Illustrator
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Bonding in the Fine Art degree course through a mutual love of all things noisy, colourful and chaotic, COLLECTIVE-ERA was officially born on 6th January 2007. Previous to this date we had began experimenting with mass collaborations, becoming excited to see a whole new style evolve through working collectively. All artwork was unplanned and autonomous, and we always worked to music. Our first major piece (ERA ONE) happened very naturally, and the energy flowing out of this project spawned subsequent works and exhibitions.

Collective Era worked around the idea of removing the artist's ego; when working collaboratively you cannot be precious about work you have done, but you allow everything to be manipulated and created organically. Working in this way creates a whole new artist of sorts. We liked to think of it as an art band - just in the way musicians come together to make music, artists can collaborate together form pieces, each artist being a different instrument.

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