Layla Mohamed - Artist & Illustrator
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I co-founded a collaborative art project called collective-era in 2005, with artists Thomas McNulty and Christopher Menes. We went on to create collaborative paintings, participate in nationwide exhibitions and get involved in various events. This work has been a massive influence.

My style continues to evolve. I began by painting, using any materials to create fantastical floating landscapes, populated by strange looking creatures. A tendency to create jagged line structures overpowered, and cleaner monochrome images started to emerge. Black and white illustrations now dominate my current work.

In July 2011, I completed designs for the 'Stargazer' Jewellery Collection by Tsura, a collaboration with Tara Thadani. This collection combined my detailed line drawings with concepts of the night sky, star constellations and mythology.

I am currently working on a series of designs which may end up on t'shirts, wallpaper, or in an exhibition. I'm in the middle of completing illustrations for a children's yoga book, which should be published sometime in 2013. You can also find one of my pieces in 2011's issue of of KULT magazine, which invited artists to explore the issue of fortune.

In December 2012 I completed a stop-frame animation for Oddbins:

Music is being made, in the form of collaboration and self-experimentation. Check out my soundcloud:

My inspiration comes from EVERYTHING really. A few good names:
Goya, Yoshimoto Nara, Islamic calligraphy, Salvador Dali, Lempicka, old japanese screen prints, cambodia, too much music to mention, the city, Sylvia Plath, jagged lines, friendship, poetry, irvine welsh, indian jewellery, the desert, sunshine, tall buildings, the ocean, social interaction, diane arbus, pj harvey, sigmund freud, venice, travels, taking photographs, deconstruction.